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Welcome to Rat's Tales.

We’re a group of experienced publishing professionals who’ve chosen to become the home of Crime and Thrillers that don’t conform to genre standards, and seek to empower strong independent voices.

At Rat's Tales we make books like we mean it; with no-holds barred enthusiasm, uncompromising creativity, high quality paper and illustrations – yes, illustrations! We believe that outstanding stories deserve an outstanding presentation - which is why we pair our authors with artists that create striking imagery to complement their prose.

If you loved or hated (we won’t hold it against you, promise) any of our books, or have anything to say at all, we really do want to hear it: Let’s talk!

Latest releases


Laura Molnar on creating the Getaway cover

by Rat's Tales

30 May 2021

Cover design is never eternal sunshine, as anyone involved in the process will agree. At Rats, we believe in a simplified streamlined creative process, with no obstacles between our star author, Rod Humphris, and our equally star illustrator, Laura Molnar.

The results are in: we have our Chocolate Competition winner!

by Rat's Tales

17 December 2020

We feel chocolate is one of the few things that can improve some Christmas fireside reading, and we now have a competition winner to send a massive hamper to! See the full gallery of entries here

'Christmas Presents' - a Simon Ellice story by Rod Humphris

by Rat's Tales

16 December 2020

Christmas is about giving, and Rod Humphris has done just that with this brand-new Simon Ellice Christmas story! Si and Sam are in Paris at Christmas but of course it's action, not romance, that's on the cards...

“Perdu?” he said, raising his chin and looking at me as if at an insect.

“Le patron,” I said, and looked at the door behind him.