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We know that everybody knows nothing, least of all us, therefore we won’t pretend to know things, or to seem like something other than what we are: which is passionate about books, magazines and design.

So with the classic avuncular introduction out of the way, we have some proper explaining to do. We are not a nefarious oligopoly, instead we are a small, dedicated house that has an ethical bent. We make books, magazines and we also dabble in merchandise. However, this is not all. We are currently working on an anti-drink spiking campaign; our purpose is not just to entertain but to interact with the world.

You may not agree that this is what a publishing house should be doing, perhaps we are not a publishing house, instead, something new. Anyway, we hope to titillate you with our tales and involve you in our campaigns.

Our Projects


Simon Ellice Series

Written with wry understated British humour; sexy in all the right ways, with a brutal, neo-noir atmosphere that clings to you long after reading. The author is unafraid to play the writers’ writer at times, but the teasing tempo and laissez-faire attitude to our expectations allow a more casual reader to enjoy on a commute, at a beach bar or however they please.


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Deviation Street

They say, you should never go back. We did. Originally founded in 1977 as a punk fanzine and highly sought after. We have reincarnated it with the help of one of the original members, Bri Nylon of The M.P.s., it is now a fully blown, but still lovable lo-fi, art and music magazine.


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social action

Ion's Dove

Our drink test and drink spiking census project is something that we think will make a difference. We have made some credit card size drug testing kits in discreet packaging with the useful info on. What we need is to make them as accessible as possible and to raise awareness of the kits, hence this is not-for-profit and thus we need your help.


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