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Simon Ellice’s Walk Of Fame

20 November 2020

Since the launch of Bloodstock on November 2nd, we have been overwhelmed with the first reviews. Readers who have never met Si before were inspired to read more about his adventures.

Some pretty bold comparisons were made. We’re not going to lie - we loved it! Si was compared to the likes of James Bond, Jason Bourne or Jason Statham. Rod Humphris’s writing style - to John Buchan. The Simon Ellice series - to the Richard Hannay stories.

Blood stock

“Si is a bit of a bastard, but a charming one. Handsome, smart and connected - definitely a contender for James Bond. We have quite a few strong and determined female characters as well. Despite all of them being eye candy, it's definitely more of a brains over beauty situation, so extra points from me” - Amazon UK

“Gripping, well written, full of humor and highly entertaining” - NetGalley

“Wow! This is my first foray into Rod Humphris' writing, and I loved every minute. Simon Ellice is a great character, and I'm looking forward to going back, into the previous books, to learn more about him. But despite feeling a little lost at the beginning, not knowing Simon's back story, this book stands alone” - Goodreads

“I like the way Si doesn't back down from people who use their wealth and importance to be a bully” - PigeonHole

“The story itself screams a James Bond or all action hero undertone” - Chopper Crime Books

“I have found myself being swept away into another world, full of adventure, chaos and mayhem and yes a dash of sex and romance thrown in. And do you know what? I have grown to like the ol devil Simon, there is something refreshing and charming about a character who has so many flaws and yet is just awesome at the same time” - Zoe’s Book Nook


“This novella reads like it's set in the 1920s and with few mentions of technology I did wonder at first if it was. Si plays more of a Columbo role in this plot, although he is also ready with his armed combat skills at the first sign of trouble. This book has wonderful black and white illustrations, some taking full pages. All four books in this series have the most beautiful covers and are a joy to hold while reading” - Amazon

"I really like the gradual accumulation of detail as we get more immersed in the story to the terrific climax” - Martin Fletcher

“This man is unshakeable, I think he is a magnet for trouble, but it does make for some exhilarating adventures.” - Beyond The Books

Go Fast

“I love a good action film, but when it comes to the book I've been let down by Bond and Bourne. Just couldn't get into them. Not this time though, Simon Ellice is my new hero. OK so he's technically not a good guy, as he's a drug smuggler, but I'd have him on my team any day” - Amazon reviewer

“Bloodstock ... is in no way predictable. However, what you can be sure of, is that Si will get himself into trouble, and the joy is in reading how he gets himself out of it. This book would make a fantastic movie with its fast-paced action scenes, and is so well written that I could 'see' everything happening, yet the descriptions are sometimes almost poetic; a dichotomy that works well when you consider the character of Simon, who, despite being a drug smuggler, still has a moral compass pointing in generally the right direction. If you enjoy action and adventure thrillers, this is a must-read book - and author” - Goodreads user

Dead Ground

“This is a prequel to Bloodstock/Go Fast. We get to find out about Si's army career and is set in the Afghanistan war. It reads like a first hand real life experience with a lot of army slang for authenticity. There is a glossary at the back of the book - which I was very grateful for. Another book from this author that has a strong female character as one of the army officers” - Goodreads

“There’s a stringency and elegance to the storytelling that elevates it above the war adventures of say Andy McNab or Chris Ryan as it explores wider, more universal themes of heroism, loyalty, individual responsibility” - Martin Fletcher

“Written in such an authentic way, I could have definitely been there” - NetGalley