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Becky &  Rod Plotting & Planning


Rat’s Tales has successfully begun to reinvent the traditional publishing model by giving away all of its content for free online on the understanding that fans will then go on to buy physical books, in this case Rod’s first novel Go Fast (part of a series in current production). This explains why the Rat’s Tales creative team have so painstakingly illustrated, designed, and bound the book, blending traditional and state of the art methods and materials, to effectively position it as a premium offering.

Though competitively priced, Rod and Rebecca are driven by a desire to ensure readers and potential readers have the opportunity to enjoy the exploits of the chief character Simon Ellice in any medium, and not chase profits for their own sake. Once the book is in a bookseller's hands, most find its particular finish to be quite seductive and its successful admission into the hallowed halls of Waterstones and Daunts in London, as well as Bath’s own book shops (Mr B's, Topping's and Waterstones), testify to this.

Beyond these developments, Rat’s Tales are breaking another publishing taboo: we want to help unpublished authors publish their material providing they have employed a professional editor to polish manuscripts before submission. In response to a selective and often snobbish publishing world, we are sympathetic to the sometimes brutal treatment of authors and sees Rat’s Tales as a platform to nurture and support talented writers, local or otherwise.


    Rebecca Percival - Commercial Muscle of Rat's Tales


      Rod Humphris - Thriller Author & Creative Director of Rat's Tales 



      • Rat's Tales believes in the power of stories and story-telling. Being “medium agnostic” means we plan to transition and experiment with theatre and film. In some ways, our stories are structured with this in mind.
      • Simplicity, generosity of spirit and an outright cheerfulness is key to all that we do and all we plan to achieve.
      • Rat's Tales wants to help other writers publish and will even invest and cover production costs (if they provide a professionally edited manuscript).
      • Rat's Tales believes in more generous profit sharing with its signed authors, rethinking the traditional author-publisher model (include examples)
      • Artisan means just that – (artists) doing it ourselves, with our own ideas, even with our own hands - above all with a creative, adventurous spirit.
      • This is just the beginning of the journey – Rat's Tales has plans to be a multi-media organisation with aspirations to turn Simon Ellice into a theatre, film phenomenon. 'Medium agnostic' means we’re here to tell stories in any medium. It just happens that we’re starting with books. We’re Rat’s Tales, not Rat’s Publishing.
      • Script writing is already on the agenda and Si Ellice is degrees of separation from being a three dimensional being (in theatre first, then film).



      • Creating and telling great stories is central to our purpose. Profits are a by-product and are immediately returned to invest in the next project.
      • The reader experience should be a holistic one, digital versus physical is not some great divide, it’s irrelevant.
      • The idea of art for its own sake is key to all RT does, hence its unashamed focus on the aesthetic, mixing nostalgia with the contemporary.
      • Rat's Tales is a collaborative enabler. Everything is a joint project with us. Us and our artists and typesetters and printers and bookshops and web people and so on. We find brilliant people and then get them to help, not tell them what to do.
      •  Digital and physical both play an important part in the way we engage readers.
      •  RT’s aspirations are big, and its ambition fearless. It accepts it can’t please everyone.



      Becky Percival


      Becky Percival was born and raised in Norfolk, England. After obtaining an English degree from Goldsmith’s University, Becky’s desire to enter the world of publishing got pushed aside by other opportunities and instead she has built up an extensive background in marketing and communications over the years.

      Becky’s fascination with digital marketing started several years ago whilst she was living in Brazil, where she set up an online jewellery business and had her son. Upon returning to the UK Becky set herself up as an online marketing consultant and since then has worked with a number of clients, increasing their online sales and website traffic with huge success.

      On joining forces with Rod Becky has finally realised her dream role in the world of publishing. As the commercial muscle of Rat’s Tales she is relishing the challenge of getting Rod’s thrilling stories out into the world.

      In her spare time Becky loves to paint and kick a football around with her son. She is also secretly hankering to write her own novel.


      Bios - Rod Humphris

      I have no special qualifications to be a writer except that I want to be. I live where I’m from in the West Country in the UK and work in a small room above a pub in Bath, which is possibly the nicest city in the world. I spend my days thinking about, learning about and writing about whatever is interesting to me, which is possibly the best job in the world.