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Rod Humphris 

I’m a West Country lad. Born in Thornbury hospital, so I haven’t come far. Bath has felt like home to me since I first came here in 1988. I thought I was just passing through, but here I still am, and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

At school, I wasn’t academic but I still remember the time our English teacher read out one of my stories. It was the first time I heard my words coming back to me from someone else and that’s a thrill that I still feel just as keenly now. I loved books, particularly stories of adventure and I remember wanting to write one myself and wanting to put everything into it. Now I know that less is often more.

Life, and the necessities of earning a living, took me off in other directions for many years, but writing was always there in the background. Twelve years ago I became co-owner of The Raven and finally I had the time and the space to begin writing seriously.

I put out my quota of rubbish; did my ten thousand hours, and one day I was writing something, just working something out, nothing really to do with what I was working on, and there was Si’s voice in my head, telling me about what he was doing. I put down everything else and went with him, and I haven’t looked back since.

Now writing his story is what I do, by far and away the main focus of my life. The main reward I get is when people read my stories. It’s all I want. It’s great if they like them but the main thing is just that they read them.

Saffi - my devoted writing partner whom I couldn't do without.