Ion's Dove

Don’t get drugged: test it and tell us.

I’m not saying we go out drinking a lot, but…

Over the last few years, between all of us, we know quite a few people who’ve had their drink spiked. On a couple of occasions, it’s been very serious and unpleasant.

So, we’ve decided to see if we can do something about it. We will shortly be launching a campaign to:

Offer small state-of-the-art cards for discreetly testing your drink for drugs. These cards detect everything from Roypnol to legal drugs like Morphine. We’ll be doing this on a not-for-profit basis through this site and various physical locations, such as The Raven of Bath. As the campaign gains momentum, with locations all across Bath stocking the cards, they should become an item that everyone carries, making Bath a safer place.

We also need to collect data. There are no definitive studies indicating the scale of the problem. However, many small-scale studies have been done in various parts of the world that indicate that drink spiking is a serious and significant problem.

With the number of people who get spiked and the serious dangers that come with being spiked, we think it’s important not just to raise awareness, but to give people a real way to test their drinks. The cards are small enough to fit in a phone case or wallet, and come in a little envelope for discretion (and to protect them from contamination).

Why Ion’s Dove?

Ion was a character in Greek mythology. For various reasons, his mother tried to kill him with a cup of poisoned wine. The gods sent down a dove who knocked the glass from his hand, saving him. We’ve chosen this dove as the symbol of our campaign.

Which drugs can the cards detect?

The cards can detect the presence of ALL drugs containing amines such as:

• Ketamine – also known as Special K, K or Ket. The K test can also detect the chemical amines found in most illicit substances such as:
• Cocaine
• Heroin
• Methamphetamine
• Ecstasy
• Opium
• Morphine and other illegal drugs
• Rohypnol & other Benzodiazepines including diazepam such as Valium

There is also a square to test for: 
• GHB – gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid.

How do I use the cards?

Each card has two test squares; the K+ and benzodiazepines test square, and the GHB test square. All you need to do is dip your finger in your drink and let a drop fall on each test square. If the test is positive, you will have a result within three-five seconds.  

What should I do if the test is positive?

Do not drink your drink! Notify a member of the bar or security staff that your drink has been spiked. Ensure that you have a plan to get home safely (a taxi, a friend). If you do not, ask bar or security staff to arrange a cab home for you.

Retain your drink, AND the positive test - these will need to be given to the police. Contact the police immediately: drink spiking is a criminal offence, and it is important to try and catch the perpetrator and retain as much evidence as possible. 

Report your story - If you have requested drink testing at security or the bar, they will fill out the details on your behalf: all of our partners have access. You can also inform us yourself: email Your data will be stored securely and only used with your consent. Your name and contact details will always remain confidential.

Can this test be used in criminal proceedings?

It can be used in criminal proceedings at the discretion of the law enforcement agency concerned. A positive Drink Detective test will contain enough substance for it to be forensically tested and for the specific drug to be identified.

Ion's Dove drink test cards are manufactured by Drug Lab 118, you can view their website here: - you can read more about their work with drink spiking at


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