Ion's Dove

Don’t get drugged: test it and tell us.

I’m not saying we go out drinking a lot, but…

Over the last few years, between all of us, we know quite a few people who’ve had their drink spiked. On a couple of occasions, it’s been very serious and unpleasant.

So, we’ve decided to see if we can do something about it. We will shortly be launching a campaign to:

Offer small state-of-the-art cards for discretely testing your drink, if you think your Tinder date is a bit off, or similar. We’ll be doing this on a not for profit basis through this site and various physical locations, including The Raven of Bath and Bath Spa Uni.

Further more: Collect data. Surprisingly, no one knows how often this is happening, and no one seems to care! We think it’s time they did. We’re going to try to find out just how real and how common a problem this is. Supported by Bath Spa Uni [logo]

Why Ion’s Dove?

Ion was a character in Greek mythology. For various reasons to do with jealousy and whatnot, his mother tried to kill him with a cup of poisoned wine. The gods sent down a dove who knocked the glass from his hand, saving him. We’ve chosen that dove as the symbol of our campaign.