Meet the Rat Pack

Did you know you’re never more than 10ft away from a rat, but more than 100ft away from a book? We want to rectify this by sellotaping books to rats.

Rod Humphris

I always read. Since I can remember. First Asterix, then Willard Price, then Conan Doyle, then everything else. I’ve had a paperback jammed into my back pocket most days of my life. I remember wanting to write a book when I was about 12 and wanting to put everything into it.

I’ve read every kind of book, but the ones I love most are stories of adventure, so that’s what I write. I’ve put thousands of hours into learning to do it well. It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve developed my own voice and my own style. I spend so much time with Si, my main character, that he seems as real to me as anyone I know. In some cases, more so. I regard myself as having the best job in the world. I get to learn about anything that interests me, go to any place I like and spend hours and hours in the company of the most interesting people, all without leaving my room.

Laura Molnar

I started to draw at a very early age, after being inspired by my Dad's awesome drawings. At the age of 17 I was pretty sure I wanted to work as an artist, so I went to an art school in Madrid. After that I realised I wanted to learn more and see a bit of the world so I went to art school in California. I learned there more than I've ever learned before. By then I was sure I wanted to be a better artist everyday, and that there's no hidden secret or talents for art but just hard work (yes, that's a true fact!). I started working as a freelance artist and then I ran into Rat's Tales and became a part of their amazing team. 


One of my first memories is reading illustrated folk stories in a big typeface, with a flashlight under my blanket in the middle of the night. I used to hate films because they forced onto me what the places and characters looked like. Forever in debt to my wicked imagination. But in my own way, I always wanted to build things, worlds and technology and minds, to get them out of the anonymity of my brain.
Some character-building years later, I have graduated computer science, I still haven't finished my first novel, and I have approximate knowledge of many things. I still do my best to give life to the things that I love, such as giving Rat's Tales the digital presentation it deserves.