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Submissions are currently closed. Please check again later in 2021

Rat’s Tales publishes adult fiction with the primary focus on contemporary and experimentary crime and thriller. We do not accept submissions of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or YA manuscripts.

We prefer to read blind. Our intention is to judge you on your writing and your writing alone. Please remove all possible clues to your gender, age, race, class, cast, clan, tribe, sexual orientation, educational attainment, writing experience, location in the world, or anything else that could shift our attention in any direction other than your manuscript.

We do not consider any work that is fewer than 60,000 words, English language only.

All submissions should include:

In general, we respond within 6 weeks of receiving a submission. If you have not heard from us by the end of this period, you may contact us (by email) to check on the status of your manuscript. Contacting us earlier will not speed up the process.

Write us an email with the subject 'Submission' at submissions @