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Starlight (Simon Ellice Series, Book 2)

Rod Humphris

Book two in the Simon Ellice Series, and the air is thick with glamour, seduction and menace.

A close encounter with opportunistic, machete-wielding thieves kickstarts Si’s evening in shimmering Port Antonio, Jamaica. Si is ‘rescued’ by captivating but  troubled actress Lara, who introduces him to the cloudy-eyed, over-sexed and deeply tranquillised Hollywood set.

The heady mix of cocktails, kingmakers and ostentatious wealth would be enough to render anyone starstruck.  But Si isn’t anyone. He can feel something simmering under the surface, and must choose his next moves wisely. Not everyone is going to make it to daybreak unscathed.

ISBN: 9781999651718
Number of pages: 92
Weight: 110 g
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 6 mm


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